I don’t know about you, but my summer seemed to fly by.  We kept it pretty low key around here so you would think the summer would have crawled along slowly. Yet, I sat down to do my weekly spread for next week and am just amazed at how fast this season has gone.  This week’s spread is very straight forward and not as decorative as some past layouts that I have done.  As I continue to use this creative bullet journal format, I am finding that I want to have more and more stuff on my layout and so decor seems to be pushed off the page. 

Aug 5th thru 9th (2)

This week I continued the colors from last week (picture of the markers are further down this post) and did another dutch door or in this case a flap.  The flab was created by folding the page in half lengthwise. I am using the middle “flap” to write out all my tasks that need to get done for the week.  The days have a section for appointments at the top and tasks at the bottom.

Aug 5th thru 9th (3)

I love that I can unfold the flap and see all the task categories and on the back is a place to record thoughts and notes throughout the week.  I think this might be a really good layout for me.

Zig Clean Color Markers

To do all the coloring I did use my Zigs again.  They seem to work really well so far.  When I have finished this book, I think I would like to find a bullet journal with thicker paper.  The pages in this book are pretty thin and so almost everything I do bleeds to the other side….so I guess it is starting to get to me. lol

Thanks for joining me today. Creativity is good for the soul. So, I hope you are taking the time to be creative. 


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