Bring back the bag-a-lope….

Years ago, when I was first learning how to paper craft, I learned how to  make a bag with an envelope.  To me it was like magic.  I love it when you can transform things into something new.  Making a bag out of an envelope was super easy. If you don’t have any bags you can make your own! Making bags into envelopes and stamping cards is an excellent was to save a few pennies, have a great time creating, and sharing your paper crafting love with others. I am all in!

With holiday prep in full swing having this skill in your arsenal could be a good thing.  You could whip up a bunch of bag-a-lopes for a fraction of the cost of buying ready made envelopes.  Plus you can decorate them any way you like.  In this video I show you how easy it is to make these bag-a-lope cuties, along with some quick decorating ideas.  I hope they get your creativity fired up to make a few. Thanks for stopping by today!