Howdy Peeps!

Thanks for stopping by.  Making cards for the men in our life can be a bit of a challenge.  If you are like me you naturally gravitate to making things look pretty.  Most men I know are not into “pretty”.  Yet they still love to receive cards because they too, like to feel loved and appreciated. Keeping the design from triggering mushy feelings can be tough though.  So the challenge for last week was to create a card that would work for the guys. When you do some research and play around, you may find that your options are not as limited as you originally thought.  Flowers, nature, geometric shapes, bright colors, or almost anything are always players in the game.  So when making those cards for the guys, remember they like lots of different things….however, we probably should just omit the glitter and bows. 

Our challengers did a great job creating cards for the men or boys.  I hope you love them like I do.  Thanks guys!

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