Howdy Stampers!

So glad you could stop by today.  I have a couple of tips for you that I hope will be helpful and make stampin’ on the go a bit easier.  My husband and I have been living on the go for a few months and that means more crafting on the go too.  I have learned a couple of tricks that have made it easier and wanted to pass those along to you.

First off let’s talk about kits.  They are the ideal “on the go” option for stampin’.  Stampin’ Up! sells a variety of kits, click here to see current options. The tips I share with you today will work for pretty much any kit you have.

Tip #1 – Sort out the supplies:

When getting yourself set up, whether you plan to create all the projects from the kit in one setting or if you plan to just knock out one or two, gather all the supplies into their respective project groupings.  Put all the card bases, die cuts, greeting pieces, etc. together.  This will make it easy to assembly line each project as you create them. If you decide to just make a couple and then put all the supplies away, the next time you pull the kit out you are ready to knock out as many as you need because its all separated and easy to put together.

Tip #2 – Using a nail file or small sanding block:

Sometimes when you when you pop out all your die cuts from the die cut sheets,  you will end up with little bits of paper that didn’t tear off.  This is easily taken care of with a sanding block or nail file.  Gently file the little bits off the side of the paper and presto, the edge of the cardstock is nice and smooth.

Tip #3 – Working with die cut words

One thing that might cause a bit of frustration, is trying to get die cut words off the adhesive sheet without tearing them or causing them to fold onto itself. I found that if you gently roll the backing off the letters leaving about half of the die cut on the backing, then stick the letters that the backing has been removed to where you want them to be on your project.  Carefully finish unrolling the backing from the rest of the letters and stick down as you go.  I found this to be very easy to do and had much better results as opposed to peeling the entire die cut off the backing paper and trying to stick it to the project.

Tip #4 – Pack yourself a “stamp on the go” bag.

I have a small tool bag that is packed with my essential tools to make creating kits a snap.  Below is a list of what I found useful:

“D” Acrylic Block
Stampin’ Seal or favorite adhesive
Bone folder
Sanding block or nail file
Take Your Pick Tool
Wet Wipes
Scrap Paper

I also will stash left over glue dots and dimensionals that were included in my kits for future use.

If you are not a kit person but still want to make creating on the go, stay tuned for a future post that can help with that.

I hope these tips help make your kit creative time more fun and enjoyable.

Happy Stampin’ & Campin’



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