Search Find Create App FAQ’s

Why is the Search Find Create App a subscription based program?

The Search Find Create App is always updating and adding more items. Subscription based fees make it possible to cover the cost of the updates and improvements made to the application.

What is the cost for the Search Find Create App?

The cost is $3 per month or $36 annually.

Where do I subscribe?

You can subscribe here.

How do I launch the Search Find Create App?

Go to and choose “subscribe”.  You will have an option to pick either the monthly subscription or the yearly subscription.  After you enter your information, you are set.

Who can I contact if I have a question or need additional help?

Our staff is always happy to help. You can reach us at:

Or email us at:

Why are there only Stampin’ Up! products in the database?

At the moment we are only adding Stampin’ Up! Products. If you have items that are not found in the main database you can add your own custom items by clicking on the “add custom item” and filling in the information.

How do I add something from the main database to my inventory?

Start by searching for the item on the main database.  Click on the item details, then at the top click the button that says “add to inventory”. You can also add several items at once to your inventory by clicking the “+”.  Click the “x” to remove from your inventory.

Can I add data or enter my own items to my inventory or to the database?

Yes!  Click on “my inventory” then click “add custom item”.

How do I submit a change to the database due to a record error?

You can submit suggestions, comments, or notice of errors to the following

If you would like to submit an item to the main database, please email us at: