Have some “I’ll use that someday” items in your house?

Me too.  Actually I have more of those kind of items then I care to admit. I am determined to use them…really I am.  I have had some Project Life boxes sitting around and decided to re-purpose four of them into little activity kits for kids.  Included in each kit is a small stack of paper for free drawing, crayons, pencils, and an activity book.  The activity book was kept simple and created so whoever is using it could create whatever game they want.  Half of the book is the alphabet, one letter to a page.  This can be a practice page for writing or vocabulary or you could create a game related to each letter. For example a person could try and think of all the animals they can think of that start with the letter “A” and so on.  The other half of the book is elements of the face.  One page might have a nose and the game is to finish drawing a silly face using the provided nose. 

After the inside elements were stamped and gathered together, I used the See a Silhouette DSP to cover the outside of the boxes. That was a bit of a challenge but maybe you have an easy way to do that, I think I made it harder than it needed to be…my life story.

Want to make one too? Let me know, I have four boxes left.  Maybe you and the kids could make one for another family.  

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