Search Find Create Refer a friend!!

Do you love Search Find Create as much as i do? If so you are going to love this Search Find Create October refer-a-friend special!

What you get: 5 Carry’s bucks up to 20 Carry’s bucks to spend on an order of $50 or more. For every friend who subscribes to the app you get 5 Carry’s bucks. (up to four friends)
What do your friends get: When your friends subscribes to the app they get 5 Carry’s bucks to spend on an order of $25 or more.
What you need to do: Invite your friends sign up to Search Find Create with your referral code (found when you are logged into Search Find Create).
When: Your friends must sign up for the Search Find Create App on or before October 31st.


Get your code to send to your friend:

1. Login to Search Find Create
2. Click on the Referral Center tab in the upper left.
3.On the pop up click on bottom button “copy code to clipboard”.
4. Paste code anywhere you want: Facebook, Email, Twitter, anywhere!


What your friend does with your code:

1. Friend subscribes to Search Find Create through
2. Friend logs in to Search Find Create.
3. Friend clicks on “referral center” tab at the top of the page.
4. Friend enters your Referral Code and clicks Submit.