Stampiphany App – Search Find Create

From: $3.00

The Stampiphany App makes it possible for you to search hundreds of images and greetings to make your crafting time more about crafting and less about playing I-Spy in your cupboards. You can even search and track your own crafty supplies like punches, dies, stamps, and more.

$3.00 / month
$36.00 / year


Introducing the Stampiphany App. 

This app was created by a crafter for crafters. Keeping track of craft supplies can rob us of valuable creative time. The Stampiphany App helps you find what you are looking for quickly so you can get back to your projects. Here are a few of the benefits that you can experience with this awesome tool:

  • Expansive database with crisp images
  • Search tool designed to help you find what you need fast
  • Personalized inventory where you can keep track of your supplies
  • Location field that helps remind you where you stashed your supplies
  • Full support staff with fast responses (within 1-2 business days)
  • Create a wish list
  • Add items to your own personal inventory from the main database or custom add your own items
  • Lots of ways to search for what you are looking for


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