This month we travelled to Virginia to see my daughter graduate from college.  Celebrating her milestone of graduation from college with her was a big blessing. It had been a hard road for her to travel and to see her come out on top and accomplish one of her major life goals was a delight to be a part of. It was wonderful to spend a few days with my daughter and son enjoying time with them and the outdoors. Virginia is a beautiful state.

A college grad can always use money. When we were packing up my son’s dorm room and loading things into our truck I turned around and saw her dumpster diving…

Admittedly there was some brand new stuff in that pile that could be useful to someone. (And is it really dumpster diving if the items are outside the dumpster?)  We laughed about it after we loaded her car up with a few things and made sure no one was watching us…lol

With her graduation I wanted to give her something special in addition to some money.  I had originally wanted to get this gift done by her birthday but let’s face it there is very little I am on time with these days. I am working on that….wish me luck.

The moment I saw the Flowering Cactus Product Medley in the 2021 Occasions Mini Catalog I thought of my daughter Allie.  She and her dad share a love of gardening and especially of succulents.  I had a little album that I found when moving my studio and thought it was the perfect thing to use for her gift. This little album is about 3×3 and was sold years ago.  Just proving that items you save for that “some day I might need this” is true!

After going though several photos of her and narrowing it down a bit, boy that was hard, I printed the pictures out and adhered them to the inside of the pages. The pages were created by cutting several pieces of DSP to 3×3. I adhered the photos to the front and back side of each DSP piece and slid each page into the sleeves that came with the mini album. Every couple of pictures I would add a little die cut flower or cactus.  The book was pretty quick to put together as the pages were too small to hold a lot of embellishments. That is ok as the photos where to be the focal point.

When we went out to dinner to celebrate her graduation I handed her the album and of course a hand stamped card.  I forgot to take a picture of the card…last minute me…lol.   She loved looking at all the photos and remembering the events they captured. It spurred the sharing of fun memories and stories. There may have been tears, but I am not admitting to anything.

I have a few more mini albums I would like to make.  When I get those done I will be sure to share them with ya’ll here.  Although they can take a bit to make, I love to make them.  I also love to share them. 🙂

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Thanks for stopping by I hope you have a fantastic day!


  1. Bobbie Tvrdik

    What a beautiful memory for your daughter!

  2. Diane Peterson

    Love this, Carry. No dobut Allie did too.

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