Masking can add versatility to your creations.  The technique of masking can help you create the illusion of something in front or behind something else and it’s pretty easy to do.  All you need is some scrap paper like a post-it note, a stamp, and some ink.

Stamp the image you would like to mask onto a post-it note. I like to make sure that part of the image is in the area where the stickiness is.  This way when I lay the mask down the adhesive on the back keeps the mask in place.  The adhesive is low tack so it shouldn’t harm your paper.

Trim your image out, making sure to cut just inside of the outline. This makes it so there is no “gap” or space between the stamped images.

Stamp your most front image first or in this case the top most frosting. Then work your way to the back images, masking as you go along.  You can reuse a mask several times before you need to make another one, so I usually keep my masks in the case with the matching stamp set.

Once you are done you have this adorable art piece.  Play around and have some fun with masking today.

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