Hola Stampers!

Only a couple of days left in our challenge!  The time has just gone by so fast.  I don’t know about you but I have really enjoyed working with Jacque and Michele during this challenge. They stepped out of their comfort zone and I can tell by the projects they have submitted they have grown too.  Challenges are good that way.  They help you to stretch and grow better…if we let them.  I will, however, be the first to admit that crafty challenges are a lot more fun to stretch and grow from than “life challenges”.

The challenge yesterday was to create an easel card.  These cards are pretty easy to make and really don’t require any special tools.  The fun part about easel cards too, I feel, is that they can be displayed on a shelf or table. Here are Michele and Jacque’s submissions.

Jacque’s Card

Michele’s Card

Day 9 Create a Gate Fold Card

You received a text that the rescue plane will be by the day after tomorrow and are excited to get back home. You have had a great day spending time with all your new found friends and toy with the idea of maybe coming back for a visit again…only next time will be on purpose.  As you made your rounds today visiting people you made an effort to serve as many people as you could.  Walking back to your “campsite” you notice a cute little roughly made fence with a gate and it gives you an idea. How about making a gate folded card?  

Good Luck!


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