We are getting close to the end of our island adventure so let’s make sure we finish strong!  To add some fun to our challenge, we had a stamp set “wash up” on shore.  Basically our ladies got to choose another stamp set from their collection and add it to the items they get to use for the challenge.  I have shared their cute cards below for you to see.  Please comment below and encourage these gals along.  They have worked hard each day to complete their projects and have been doing a great job.  

Jacque’s Card

Michele’s Card

It’s Market Day!

As you stroll around the island you realize it’s market day.  How fun! You peruse through the little displays and are impressed by the craftsmanship.  As you wonder down the little village street you run into your trusty translator who is sitting in the shade selling some pretty shell bracelets.  You notice that there no tags on the bracelets displaying the desired price. You really want to do something nice for your translator friend so you decide to help by making a few tags that can be used to attach to the bracelets.  

Create four tags.  (no need to list bracelet info on them your translator friend will do that.)


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