Greetings Islanders!

I hope you are staying safe in all this heat.  The humidity has hit like a wall here and it makes a person grateful for central air.  Today I am sharing with you the projects for day 4 of our challenge.  The objective was to create a birthday card for one of your villagers. Make sure to comment below and encourage our participants along!

Michele’s Card

Jacque’s Card

Another villager invited you to dinner and it was fantastic.  They even played music and everyone had a great time.  As you were spending time with this nice family you find out one of their sweet little girls loves to collect sea shells.  You decide to look for some as you take your morning walk the next day.

The next morning, after walking around the entire island, you find the perfect sea shell, a beautiful Calliostoma -annulatum. You create a little gift box to present your new little friend with your fabulous find. Good Luck!

You should be receiving a few random goodies in the mail tomorrow….get extra credit if you use one or more of the items from your “plane drop”,


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