I hope everyone is having a fantastic day! We are off and running with our 10 Day Deserted Island Challenge.  Even though this challenge may be short, I am sure it will be fun. Our participants may only be pretending to be on a deserted island but the challenge to stick to a limited supply of tools is real.  When you are limited to what you have on hand, sometimes that can help stretch your creative muscles. The cards that Jacque and Michele submitted show that they are more than ready to take this on. The day two challenge was to create a thank you card using their chosen supplies. What do you think?  Make sure to comment below and encourage our stampers along.

Jacque’s Card

Michele’s Card

Day 3 – Today’s challenge was to create a birthday card for a villager.

Day 4 -You have a villager that has been helping you with the language and becoming a trusty translator. Apparently, this new translator is almost fluent in English. Sweet! You have mastered a few basic words and are having fun interacting with more people. As you were on your morning stroll, you notice someone that looks like they need some cheering up.  You decide to wow this poor downcast villager with a cute tri-fold card.  Not only are tri-fold cards fun but they give you extra room for more notes.  This is perfect as you plan to take your trusty translator with you and get others to write some encouraging words on the card. Have fun!

As you are making your card you notice a communication from the rescue crew….a plane drop is coming soon….be on the look out!

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  1. Michele Herrick

    Hey, Carry,
    I’m loving this Deserted Island Challenge! It’s been so fun to create each day with a new theme. So much thought put into this challenge – thank you!


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