Guess What?!

We have reached the end of our Deserted Island Challenge.  Today is the last day and I want to express how proud I am of my gals.  Michele and Jacque took on the challenge with enthusiasm and determination. It is not an easy thing to be limited on supplies, especially the small amount allowed for this challenge. This deserted island idea was fun to try and I hope you guys had fun too.  I encourage everyone to leave a comment and some cheers for Jacque and Michele for doing such a phenomenal job with their projects. Here are the cute projects they made for yesterday’s challenge which was to create four tags. Tomorrow we will see the last submissions.  If you liked this challenge or have ideas for another one, let me know.  I am open to new crafty ideas.

Pack your bags, Gals….tomorrow is rescue day!

Jacque’s Tags

Michele’s Tags


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