The Memories & More card packs are not only fantastic for making memory keeping easy and quick, they can also make it possible to whip up a bunch of cards in a flash too. I call them “blink cards” because you blink and you feel like you’re done. 

I have a son on a mission and I wanted to make him some quick cards that he can send out when needed. In our house we encourage card sending…no surprises there. I have always tried to share with my kids how sending a card whether it is handmade or not, really shows appreciation. If the card is handmade, well in my book that is even better! My son is not into lots of embellishments and froufrou stuff so I decided that the Come Sail Away card pack was perfect for him. I think I had nineteen cards done in less than an hour. I think it only took me that long because I decided to stamp some light houses and ships for a few the the cards and die cut them out. Using the Happiness Blooms cards & envelopes made it even easier because I didn’t need to cut any card bases and they come with these already decorated envelopes.  Total win, right?!

A special thanks for Michele H. for giving me some cards to send along with mine, and she even included postage stamps for Russell to use! So sweet! Thanks, Michele!

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