I often get asked if stamping and creating your own cards is worth the time and money.  I would like to preface this post by stating that yes you could run to the dollar store and buy a box of cards and call it done.  That is a painful thought, to me anyways, but if that is what you do most of the time then more power to yah.  If you would indulge me for just a minute I would like you to consider the tangible and non tangible benefits that can result from creating and sending your own cards. If you are prudent there is a way to make your own cards and actually save money.

I decided to get all nerdy and run some numbers for yah..get ready for some hardcore math…ok maybe not hardcore.  I will say my math skills from sixth grade did come in handy…thanks Mrs. Carey.

All the kits come with envelopes, sometimes all beautified to match the motif of the kit.  Also, cost per card was figured before shipping and tax.  If you are a demonstrator the cost is really close to my numbers here.  If not the added cost will depend on whether you purchased the kit as part of a workshop order or all on its own. For example if you purchase all on its own there is a minimum shipping cost of $6.95 per order.  If the kit is part of a workshop and you are not placing the order online separately from the other guests, your shipping is 10% of the cost of the kit. Taxes are dependent on your state and if your state charges tax on shipping as well. This is why I stuck with just the cost of the kits before tax and shipping.

First let’s break down the different kits available:

All inclusive kits are kits that have the consumable supplies, stamp set, ink and often times an acrylic block. All that is needed is adhesive (sometimes) and a pair of scissors. The current all inclusive kits available are Paper Pumpkin monthly kits, Looking Up kit, Lots of Happy Kit, Notes of Kindness kit, and the Three Cheers For You kit.

Paper Pumpkin kits run about $22, less if you prepay for six months or twelve months in advance. The average amount of cards in a Paper Pumpkin is nine cards. The kit includes a stamp set, adhesive and an ink spot so all you need is scissors. The cost runs around $2.44 per card. Often there are left over pieces that can be used for more cards in the future which would help with future creations. Your first kit includes an acrylic block so you don’t even need to worry about that!

The Looking Up kit is one of my favorite kits.  I love the colors and the images, they are just so fun and happy!  This kit includes everything you need to open the box and start stamping. I don’t think you even need scissors.  The kit has enough supplies to create 15 amazing cards and when I made this kit it came together pretty quick too.  I think I finished all of the cards in under two hours. Of course you could just make them as you need them, but I like to sit down with my favorite show on and knock them all out at once.  Then I have cards ready when I need them.  The cost per card comes to around $1.80 per card. I would like to mention too, that this kit is especially great for beginners.  Almost all kits are catered perfectly for the beginner stampers.  If you are a seasoned crafter, like me, they are still fun to make; so don’t let that stop you from grabbing a kit and crafting till your heart is content.

Lots of Happy kit is a great kit if you love to color. This kit even includes watercolor pencils! This kit includes everything you need except scissors. The Lots of Happy kit takes a bit because of the coloring but if you love to color then its a non-issue. There are cards that are not all standard A2 cards which is great if you just need a little note card for a gift package. The kit makes 20 cards and the cost per card on the kit comes out to be around $1.75 per card.

Notes of Happiness kit is one of the most elegant kits I have seen.  Not only is it elegant and classy looking, it is also still a great kit for beginners. The artwork is beautifully done and can you tell it is one of my favorites? The kit makes 20 cards and also comes out to be about $1.75 per card. I should also mention that this kit along with the other kits, except Paper Pumpkin, come in a beautiful box that can be used as a gift box. If you would like to see me put this kit together feel free to watch the replay of a live stream I did last year.


Three Cheers for You kit comes in an adorable little box and is a very quick kit to put together.  If you would like to see me assemble this one I did a recent live stream with this video. This kit makes 12 cards and comes in around $2.25


Project Kits

Now that we have taken a look at the all inclusive kits, how about taking a look at the project kits.  These kits come with all the consumables to create your cards.  Extra supplies such as stamps, inks pads, adhesive, blocks, and scissors are needed to complete your projects.  On the front end they seem to be more expensive, however, if you buy the project kit again you don’t need to purchase the inks and stamps again.  This brings the cost down and like the other kits, you have stamps and ink that you can use for countless projects later on.

For the Love of Felt is an absolutely darling kit.  The bright colors and the happy designs are sure to brighten anyone’s day, whether you are the creator or the receiver. The kit didn’t take long to put together and I love the box it all came in. The cost per card on this kit is about $6.67.  If you already own the four ink pads needed to make the cards the cost comes down to about $4.17. If you own the stamp set or choose to use a greeting set you already have the cost comes down even more to about $2.50.

The Seriously the Best kit is seriously so adorable! I made this kit during a live stream and had so much fun making it.  Plus the art in this kit is so cute; look at those birds! If you would like to see the video where I assemble this kit you can see that below.  The cost per card on this kit is $4.00. Like the For the Love of Felt kit, this kit becomes less expensive if you already have the ink pads and the stamps.  Projects kits are great because if you want to make more you can just get the kit and won’t end up with duplicate stamps and ink spots. If you already have the ink pads the cost comes down to about $3.06. If you have the ink pads and the stamp set or a greeting set you can use for this kit the cost per card comes down to about $1.88.

I hope this post was helpful to you.  What I would like to add is the non-tangible benefits I have seen from making my own cards. With kits, the designs and all the supplies are prepared, all you have to do is stamp and assemble.  This not only saves a lot of time, it also makes it a great way to relax and just create.  There have been countless times I have been feeling worn out, down or just plain sad and took the time to grab a kit and sit down and make the cards. After making a kit, I personally have feel better, more relaxed and calm. More and more information is being released about how being creative helps people to fight depression, keeps the mind active, and helps people feel relaxed.  Creating and sending cards to friends and family helps strengthen relationships, and I don’t know if I can put a price on that.  You can never go wrong showing kindness and love, creating and sharing handmade cards has tremendous value to the creator of the card as well as the receiver.


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I hope this post gives you a better idea of what is available in the Stampin’ Up! store and what the different kits are and if they would be cost effective for you to make.  I found that generally cards take about 5-7 minutes to assemble and it is so nice that all the materials are cut and ready for assembly.  Honestly as someone who teaches crafting classes in my studio, the most time consuming part of creating cards is usually cutting all the materials and getting them ready to stamp and assemble. There is something about making and giving handmade cards.  Handmade cards come with a special kind of caring that you just can’t replicate with an email or dollar store card.  It’s better to send something rather than nothing so if all you have is an email, sticky note, or dollar store card.  Kindness is never wasted, so please don’t stop being kind in anyway you can.

I would love to invite you to give card making a try and experience the feeling that comes from being creative and then sharing it with others. I have loved that feeling now for over twenty years and have had so much sharing it with others. I would love to share it with you. 🙂