Sail Home weekly…well week and a half spread.

Coming at you with another layout.  I am still trying various weekly layouts to see which ones work the best to keep me focused and on track. With this layout  I have the appointment table separate from the tasks, which I think I might change later. I also wanted to open up the layout up a bit by not boxing everything in.  Instead I just accented the area by drawing the corners only. I enjoyed stamping the images from the Sailing Home stamp set and coloring those in with my Zig Clean Color Markers.  I stuck to just three or so colors to keep things simple.

On this fist page you can see the appointment area and my task lists, which are broken down by category.  All the labels or titles are hand written and then highlighted with one of my Zig markers.

This layout included a dutch door because I intended to create this layout so I could use it for more than just seven days.  A dutch door in a bullet journal is generally used if you need more space for a week then just two pages would give you.  I created a dutch door by folding my second page in half, and sticking down the top and bottom sides of the paper.  This created a pocketed dutch door. You can of course just cut the page in half but I liked the idea of having a small pocket.  Who knows I may hide away something in there. 

I decided to try the dutch door layout because July ends on a Wednesday and I wanted the last week and a half all on the same layout so I could keep it all together in a glance. I won’t do this every time, but I wanted to try it and see if I liked it.

As I am trying this new way of planning and journal-ling, I find that I am enjoying the process. I was afraid at first that I would get frustrated with the extra time it takes to create your own planner, but so far the creating process has been fun and relaxing. 

Thanks for coming by today, I hope you have a very productive week!



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