Hey Peeps!

Today I’m sharing my planner spread for this week. I was surfing around Instagram and found some really cute layouts that had a bee theme to them.  My husband is a beekeeper so of course I had to give a theme like this a try.  I sketched the layout in pencil first and then went back over the lines with one of my Prismacolor fine liners. The tops of the days are colored black and labeled with a white gel pen over the top. The color scheme was kept simple with just a couple of shades of yellow and orange.  I used my Zigs to do all the coloring.  I searched for a bee image in my Search Find Create App and found a perfect little bee to swarm around my page. 

I didn’t want to color each day in all the way as I think it would be too much and I was trying to avoid bleeding on the other pages. I hand wrote the titles and accented them with yellow.  I don’t know if it will be an effective weekly layout for me but I do like how it looks! I added some other useful pages that were inspired by some YouTube videos I watched.  A list page for future events and a list page for weekly tasks and such.  They are not pictured as they are super simple and basic but the purpose for them was such a great idea I wanted to implement them into my book. 

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you have a very productive week!


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